Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black & Decker SDC740B SpaceMaker 12-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

Product Description

Revolutionizing a classic favorite. The new Spacemaker coffee maker was designed to please the traditional Spacemaker user: sturdiness, performance but most of all, 63-percent more usable counter space. Intuitive, easy to use features and classic design, perfect for the Spacemaker traditional consumer. At least 2 of the mounting holes are kept the same as the original (ODC) to facilitate upgrades. Product Description
Coffee lovers no longer have to give up valuable counter space to accommodate a clunky coffeemaker. This unit easily installs under a cabinet, keeping work surfaces clear for food prep and other everyday tasks. More than just a space-saving convenience, the coffeemaker comes with an array of user-friendly features for brewing up to 12 cups of great-tasting coffee. Its clock and timer allow for programming the unit to begin brewing at a later time--great for wake-up coffee in the morning or having a pot ready to serve with dessert without having to get up from the table half way through dinner. For those eager for that first sip, the unit's Sneak-A-Cup interrupt function pauses the brewing cycle to allow for pouring a quick cup midbrew. Coffee brews directly into the unit's Perfect Pour glass carafe, which provides a generous stay-cool handle and a drip-free spout. Other highlights include a removable filter basket, a removable water reservoir with an illuminated water-level indicator window, a nonstick heating plate, cord storage, and automatic shut-off for peace of mind. At least two of the mounting holes are the same as the original (ODC) coffeemaker to facilitate simple upgrades, and its Save-a-Plug outlet makes it possible to connect a SpaceMaker Mini Food Processor/Grinder or Can Opener directly into the coffeemaker, saving the wall outlet for other uses. The coffeemaker measures approximately 12-3/5 by 12 by 15-1/2 inches.

Customer Reviews

Nice looking, but does have annoyances3
I've had a few different black and decker under cabinet coffee pots over the years and they were overdue for an update on the overall look of the product. I give the basic design 5 stars in that, the look is more current and if you have had the older version, you do get more noticable increase of counter usability space with this model. On the other hand, there are some annoyances with this new version. (I'm keeping the coffee maker)

For the overall rating that I provided of 3 stars, here is why.

Installation Template... JOKE
Missing measurement legends so was not usable. I held the coffer maker up to the cabinet to determine where I wanted it to be installed, measured from a few places on the coffee pot and cabinet and used the hanging bracket of the coffee maker as the template (pencil through screw holes).

Installation Hardware... screws wrong size
This is a design problem in concept, while having a bag of a bunch of different sizes solves the problem, or in my case, a hacksaw solved the problem. The ultimate reason is that there is no gap between the end of the screw when installed and the coffee pot to slide on. In older models if the screw went into the nut and came out the otherside by a 1/4 of an inch it was fine. In this model the screw must not go much past being flush to the end of the nut.... which is nuts!

Water Reservior... nice idea, but has challenges
a) Since the reservoir has such a large surface area, providing an exact amount of water is not easy. When you set it on the counter and fill it, it doesn't sit flat, etc, etc.
b) The top of the reservior is removable in order to clean it out. When you have the water around 10 cups, or more likely 12 cups, this lid doesn't seal the water in very good for a short walk from the sink to the coffee maker. Not a big deal, not a lot of dripping, but you have to pay attention to it.

Sneak a cup... Twice now we have had coffee overflow out of the filter area. This was due to the sneak a cup braket not designed very well. When you put the coffee pot into the unit, it pushes on a little handle/arm... barely. This braket opens/closes a door on the bottom of the filter. If the coffee pot is slightly off being place in properly, plan on a nice clean up of coffee on the counter. I added a little bit of bulk to the face of the bracket and I think it will solve the problem.

Removing top bracket... Geez, one of the first steps in the installation is to remove the top mounting bracket/piece from the top of the coffee maker... OMG, my wife and I were playing tug-a-war to get that dumb thing off. This should NOT come pre-connected to the coffee maker.

Handling of Water reservior and Filter. Neither have a nice handle or way to grip them. The filter part is more awkward to hold than the resourvoir, but it should be looked at.

I know I listed several things, but from the things listed, I don't think they are show-stoppers, I'll be keeping the coffee maker.

nice product...instructions really really bad.. go buy screws..and a bottle of wine.2
A nice product but this one was even tougher to follow the instructions with than the toaster oven. Again, NO SCREWS fit. There were long enough screws but they were too long and the unit would not slide back onto the top mounting piece. And the template didn't have the measurements on it again. Had to get via email again b/c couldn't find on their website. You really have to figure this out on your own. I think what worked for me was once you determine which line pertains to the depth of your front hangover, fold on that line and place the folded template behind the overhang up against the bottom of the cabinet. Hope you have a hardware store nearby to run out and get screws in the middle of the installation...or maybe your overhang is less than 1". the difference in length between the middle screw and the longest screw is an inch if i'm not mistaken. for me, I needed it to be 1/2 longer than the middle one, or 1/2 shorter than the longer one. snipping the longer bolts didn't work. just screwed up the threads. I guess it would work if you installed the top piece then snipped but once you take it off, you won't be able to re-install it. plus taking it off my cross thread the nuts then you're worse off. if you need bolts, suggest just biting the bullet and going to the hardware store.

Nice alternative to the SDC8505
I'm one of the reviewers of the SDC 850 that had a leaky pot. Thankfully, this one doesn't leak and indeed uses the same holes as the SDC 850-I even kept the screws I had to hacksaw for the SDC 850 and used them on this one. Works well, doesn't leak. Wish it had the stainless steel trim of course and also wish it were thermal like the SDC 850 because on my last two B&D ODC440B's the warmer plate rusted out in a few months. If the warmer plate does not rust out this is indeed a viable alternative to the SDC 850. Hopefully B&D reads these.

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